Monday, October 19, 2009

Great Week. :)

Most of the days were great


Monday: hmm, what happened on monday ?! i think nothing interesting ever did happened on monday ! ohh yes, my pencil case was stolen, i left it under my desk. what's so wonderful about it is- i hate my pencil box, suwei sunggoh. so i'm getting a new one soon. hooray !! but soon in my world refers to like forever. i wanna buy a helix pencil case. smart ohh.

Tuesday: well, tuesday !?! well, i think the only good thing that happen was, i found my psp and some umd discs. some means not all of it, i think my ma lost it. my mother hid it in her room. no wonder la, i searched for it, cannot find. and then everytime i asked she would say " mana la mama tau !" but now i'm hiding it, muahhahha.

Wednesday: started of off pretty well, then the bad news came, don't want to share with u people. *sobs

Thursday: last day of school in that week, still mourning the death of a friend. but as i played along, the melancholic feeling was no more. boring stuff. then, recess ended, teachers were having a meeting and we were guarded by untalented prefects. my classmates and i, had a war with our neighbouring class 2A7, the 2A9 class was our ally. we used like tiny rolls of paper and a rubber band. we catapulted each other, it was kinda painful but it was fun. heyy, when's the time to be childish if not now. at 6.20, the meeting ended, more great news, our test was postponed to the 26.

Friday: my sister came back for holiday, fun. now, got some one sane enough to talk with.

Saturday: went to akmal's house, much more recognise as the devil's cousin- aina. azfar and dinie were there too. we went to the abandoned mining site, threw rocks to the water. for the first time, i threw a rock and it skipped like for four steps. akmal then pushed me in a muddy slop, habis selipar aku. then, we lepak sembang sembang at akmal's house, about that la ni la. soon, we were hungry, akmal sembang lebih nak belanja pizza. but in the end duit aku gak kena keluar, haih. we ate pizza outside of the house, don't want to mess up his house. the two went back first, i stayed back a bit longer, akmal had a revenge with his old friend (now his enemy) who gave him a sony walkman as a gift and in return akmal gave him a sony ericson phone. they fought la, i don't want extend the story.
he want the walkman back, akmal got mad, we went and threw the walkman all over the place in the park. then, my father came, after that i don't know what akmal did to that contraption.

Sunday: i thought wanted to attend ammar's open house, but my pa also damn lazy. i want to take bus also raining. then, everyone that i called also never answered the phone. missed it. i'm sorry la ama, never attend your open house. at night, i accompanied my mum to some stupid friend's of hers party in her friend's house in meru valley. the house was damn big like castle and up on the hill also then got swimming pool inside. then, the toilet got air conditioner *weird and a tub. when's my house gonna get that big ? T.T the food was nice too, i love the chicken and the fish and the finger sandwich and the pasta, everything was nice, i tasted almost every thing, not taste la actually, eat almost everything. exception for the coffee cake, no offence but it kinda smell. buekk.

Monday: went to pejabat imegresen in meru. i missed my math class ^.^ renewed my passport, it was like so long. we came like at 9 and went back at 12. took a number and i got like number 2101 and the current number was 2030. there were 71 turns to go before reaching mine. all the documents ready adi, no need to take picture or anything. i just wait and wait while watching wonderpets on TV3. urr so boring. but worth waiting, because i'm heading to the middle eastern during the end year break. so long ready never went for holiday together. yahhhooo ! p/s: food there is terrible, the mi taste the kicap only.

The End. Tomorrow got school. *sobs