Monday, May 30, 2011

stupid days, where have you gone to ?

should i throw away the memories of the ole times, when i was still young and much naive than i am today. i tried to act like nothing has changed in my life after we are not friends, i tried so hard. but the truth is the harder i tried the greater i miss the days of spending my time with you. i don't know why but friends are so important to me especially those who are very close. those who would call me all night, cheering me up after a fight, making me laugh all the time, making me feel like i'm a part of something undescribable; something i myself couldn't explain but it was fun being friends with you. you were like a brother to me and i'm sorry for what i've done for what is done is done. where ever you are i'm telling you one once again that i'm truly sorry, old friend also brother :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Working on a SUPER PROJECT

Proud to announce, this is my first post via iPad, it is fun telling the world the insignificant matter of my life. Okay, I a week has passed, enormous amount of undone homework to be done. In my new school, not finishing homework is an awful turn down the lane of getting berated by teachers of many different shapes and sizes. Some teachers would throw some of my classmates out of class, some would get caned, some would get slapped and the most merciful of all punishments is getting shout at. As for the worst, is the silent treatment, where the student is ignored fully by the teacher. Many have told me that in learning, the most crucial of all matters involving studying is to respect the teacher. Despite, who or what the teacher is, whether the person is a man or a woman, short or thin, or not a person at all- a book maybe.

Okay, back to the main topic here, I'm working on a Magazine Making Competition by The Star Newspaper, the topic that I am including into the magazine is the rules to a happier life, tips on searching for friends, et cetera. The problem is right now all of the topic, after countless evaluation, I consider as hackneyed, jejune and boring. I want to create my own topic that holds a value of it's own, estatical value. My mother always stress on the estatical value of a somewhat matter, especially gifts. She says that gifts are symbols of remembrance, so no matter how small or how dearly priced a gift could be, the things that matter are from whom and for what reason. I received a prize not so great and not so exciting, a 10 ringgit note for my PMR exam which I received straight A's. It wasn't a lot, but because it was from my grandmother I valued the money so much that I tried but somehow couldn't spend the money for almost two weeks or so, which is until I betrayed my diet and ordered McDonald's through the phone line. What's left of the money is a balance of a 20 sen shilling. But despite that, I accepted the money without any complaints.

Ah, yes, any one out there want to contribute their ideas to me, please comment, MAY GOD BLESS YOU.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


people are different, so other people expect different things from us. multiple personalities is good, but its best to stick with one unique personality. i should have thought about that 6 months ago, before everything went bad. i sometimes feel that friendship bonds are like one-night-stand dates where when we are hitting rock bottom, it technically is in the best possible way. i had so-called best friends before but the bond only lasted for at most 3 years. then, never to be spoken of ever. some friendship, just dies off, like the waves washing writings on sand or rain washing off paints of buildings, making them dull and ugly.

new friends create very vague predictions of the future, wondering if this typical person is my next best friend. the cycle never stops, and i hate it from even continuing to cycle. maybe that's the way the world turns, every day a new unexpected exposure, never did it ever cross the mind that some things are to happen, but it does. the beauty of life, no one knows what is going to happen them. its an adventure which beats every fiction adventure books ever written- life's adventure. never stop, keep on going, those are the only things that i learnt from watching ugly betty and desperate housewives, words of hope. somewhere out there, lurking, is our future and we are getting closer to it every day, so brace yourselves people. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

newest post for the time being

sitting down drinking coffee from a free mug obtained from buying a colgate pack in front of the computer or the tv or while reading percy jackson seems to be the ideal holiday but that's never going to happen. every year its the same, but with a different twist. i'm spending my time with a pair of matching, mosterous couple who i think are made for each other. right now, i am absolutely devastated with a few pinches of anger and insanity. yeah, that's it. i am angry. i am sick of people's hypocrytical judgements and baseless accusations. i've been patient for almost a year of being removed, being looked down at, being the one at fault and being the one who has to lower his standards. i am sick of it, SICK OF IT !!

usually, i would not be online right now, it's almost school holiday. i would usually plan my holidays right now- ironically, planning about reading old books stashed in the store room, how to obtain fast cash which usually ends up with me asking my mum for cash, although, days spent babbling about getting jobs. but now i'm worried about insignificant stuffs which are currently ruining every relationship i have with any one, that's how devastating the story is. but i guess that's how life works, sometimes you get the glory, sometimes you are alone and not cared. you can't get every thing in life, so make the best of what is given. happy day