Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yaww, :(

here's an underpant.

I'm so hungry right now, I wish can go out lahh rite now. But my parents, aihyarr, dunno wad to say, keeping me as a slave. Aiyor, "Not like dat","Apa kamu buat tu ?", "Pergi study sekarang", "Tak boleh, tak reti reti bahasa ke, u want me to speak in what language- Tagalog", dat lah this lah, dat lah this lah. so frustrating lah people. I'm a free spirited person, they can't let me captivated. What do they think I am- 6. Wish I could stand up for myself guys. But in the end, it's not worth it also. Will get hitting and more and more nagging nagging. Should change my dad's name to Hitler and my mumsy's name to Naggicius or wateva that suits them well.