Monday, November 9, 2009

dear teacher

dear english teacher of mine whose name i keep classified,

our relantionship never had been so swell since the very start. i characterised you as a pain in the neck. i carved a list of the people i hate in my mind and honestly your not in it. that actually means that i never really hated you, maybe because ... i don't really want to say this. it might offend those close to me. but overall the blame is on me. i can't pass the buck to anyone else.

our relantionship never had been so swell since the start. now that it has come to an end and maybe and if maybe we would like the end to start anew- a beautiful one. we've been a terrible student and you might have been a terrible tutor but those terrible times might have been our terrible fault. we're not ill victims of yours, but we're actually the misunderstood pupils from an alienated region. we don't know what's good or bad. we misunderstood you, for you had been guiding us.

all the best in life ~