Wednesday, October 21, 2009

about sex change and zucchinie !

how to spell zucchinie ar ?
transsexualism sophisticated word right as same as the real thing itself. i just ran into a female-to-male human blog just now, it sound funny wey. acting like a man, but his true nature is still feminine. funny thing is right now he hardly act as a man, he is trying to but end up looking like a half and half.
putting up silly shows for us, ending up as the clown without noticing it. what shame ?!! to even make his superficial masculinity real, he dates women. trying to show off that he can be better then man. lagi lagi is he put up a show about drinking or smoking, to proof that he is manly.
put a zucchinie or a banana or even a pepsi bottle in that pussy wey, baru mcm mann sikit. *no offencr

well this transthingie is just another branch of homosexuality. good luck on it weyy, all the best. when u fall i'm gonna give you a standing ovation.