Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sister's Graduation Day.

on the twenty first of october my sister was to be released from her long term prison. and now she is undergoing the releasing process, that would be for a period of three to two weeks. laugh out loud.
she has now graduated from her boarding school and will be set free from the so called prison after spm ends. she graduated from mrsm, taiping. mrsm stands for maktab rendah sains mara. by the way, if you planned to study there- don't !! ironically, the food there taste like sand. it will be like undergoing chemotherapy.

i was very sleepy when this pic was taken.

the story, my sister had three point six nine for her "PMG", i think it is called PNG, no matter la, so i think she's still in dean's list which i don't know what the hell it means. went there on the twentieth of october, we went there right after i'd finished school which was at six fourty p.m. we rushed there and i was wearing my sweaty uniform.

urgghhhh, reached taiping and it was raining like very heavy and for your information, taiping (bukit larut) is the dampest area in Malaysia. rent a room in seri malaysia, the most convenient place to stay at that time and the cost is not bad too, kinda cheap. actually, we were supposed to come for the Hajat Prayer and Yasin reciting to wish for the best of the students. Tapi tidak kesampaian, because we arrived very late. and when we reached that school the prayer had already ended, i think my sister is very dissapointed about it. *sobs

the next day

we woke up very early at about six thirty a.m, i was feeling very tired because i watched a movie on cinemax until late at night. the event started at eight thirty, and we need to go for our breakfast and if not early we need to walk two kilometres away from the school, we're not going to a sweat fest weyy !

we ate nasi lemak jagung, which is one of a kind in the whole wide world. it tasted kind of funky but it was kinda nice, ate it with sambal sotong. umm umm. went there and we were the third person to reached there, we parked in the very front of the school gate. went inside but unfortunately only two people were allowed to enter the hall per student. so it had to be my parents. i became the babysitter of the two rascals. tiring weyy.

my father gave us fifty ringgit to spend on, we bought like a lot of food and spent the whole time eating and eating and eating the food that the students made. we ate chicken kebab, nachos, burgers, fish balls, chicken balls, keropok lekor and somewhat others