Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday Todayy.

As always went to school, met friends, ask them any sensational news. Then, ternampak seorang (can't describe how he is), used to be a friend of mine untill today only. Hatreds growing !! He just can't stop making up stories which are not true, yeah, he's a show off, tahu lah bapak dia kaya macam Bill Gates. Please stop, there's enough people that hates you babi !
SCIENCE CLASS: Made up LOVE LETTERS with my classmate !!
here's what we wrote:
First Letter For First Lover
Kepada kekasihku GENDOT,
Muka kaw macam HARAM ANJING,
*$%^ kaw kembang.
p/s: i had nothing to do with the production of this lovely poem. ask my dumb classmate his the poet. :DD