Tuesday, October 13, 2009

yay new post !

Studying Pictures, Images and Photos
Ingatkan nak curi gambar profile kak yus.
Next week examination is gonna start what to do other than kelam kabut study. By the way, I hate sejarah and living skills, i'm not gonna study for those subjects, lantak lah if my results ended up like SHIT. My mumsy gonna take away two "necessities" in my FUNKY ORANGE HOUSE. Can't live without those things ler- SHE'S TAKING OUT MY INTERNET CONNECTION AND MY LAPTOP. Can't chat with you people more often, then, need to use the house computer also, which is like hundred years old adi, the INTERNET CONNECTION also damn slow like dying turtles. AHH. and why the hell am I still blogging when I should be studying right now.
The End.