Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Imperfect Holiday Reality

I really wanted a lazy holiday this year. i've been working my shit out during my school days. can't a guy have some time on his own. but that idea is merely a fanstasy, never gonna be a reality. i mean NEVER.

My family have a way to not let their children's holidays go to waste, they force me to read books that i have never even heard of. Anne of Green Gable ? Books meant for old people. The Scarlet Letter ? These are the types of books my mother favours. She loves reading these types of books which i totally 'deny access to'.

My father's idea of not letting my holidays go to waste. bring me to his goat farm, and tell thousands to millions stories about improving his 'goat business'. It's not that I don't care, which I would, because that business is literally my livelihood , but I don't want to hear about those stories, I'm not addicted to
smelly goats.

My grandmother's idea of not letting my holidays go to waste, even more shocking. She wanted me to stay at her house which is my hometown for almost the whole school break which is until the 19th December. LOL
what can i actually do there ? =.="

Yet despite all these things, i still love my family. but i still demand a lazy holiday. my home is my pig-out spot. :)