Thursday, December 3, 2009

the worst week

first and foremost, i have to say that this week was the most terrible week in the history of all weeks. the thing that i'm very pissed about right now is about my maid, she ran away yesterday. The problem is i have to do all the chores now, ohh, if i get my hands on her. She's ruining my holiday, now i have to wake up 4 hours earlier than i usually do and sleep before ten. how much uglier can it get ?
i also have to feed the rabbits and birds every morning, clean their poops, comb the rabbits fur and that's much it. and today i have to clean the toilet, my brother played with a very very large ammount of tissue and threw it into those minature holes (i don't know what it's called), where used water goes into. and it was clog, plungers don't work in my toilet because the toilet's floor is rather rocky so i have to put my hand in to get those tissues out and you wanna know what i found together with the tissues, a dead roach, that was just disguisting and me holding it- that was afirst time experience. urgghhh.
the second crux that had me pissed up are terrible drivers. can't they see that there are other people using the road too. both of my cars, were severely scratched and it was rather a groove than a scratch. the first accident was when my mother and i was at medan istana, we were buying mee kari for lunch at this shop (Restoran Terkini)- they sell good mee kari here. all went well until some coolies in a van ran into my dad's car, newly bought pajero sport. and the back was slightly dented and scracthed, well my mother is kinda aggresive , she went out of the car and start scolding those guys. she started to get mad and ask those guys for their number and tried to call the number that the guy had gave her. and that guy was lying, he gave another person's number and my mother was really pissed about it. but what to do, it has happened. lolx but the thing that i really don't understand was why didn't they just said sorry. that would softened my mother up, and she might not had resorted to shout in public, that made me really embarrased.
the-happened-today-thing, when i was in manjoi buying eggs this morning, a motorist grooved my other car, the estima and the motorist just ranaway like that without saying sorry. didn't their parents teach to take responsibility for the things they did. he was a very bad person and was not fit to be a motorist, which silly department approved of his liscense. in my opinion, the government should approve a person's motoring liscence not only based on their ability to drive but also based on their manerism. lmao
the end, and right now i am really hoping that thing don't turn up even more terrible. that would just turn me completely out of my wits. haiz =.="