Sunday, July 4, 2010

hello, i have nothing to write about so i'm writing on nonsensical poem

Should I

when I look back
I saw you, the horrid of the past
the repugnance never dies
go, don't come near me
never come near me

I tried to fight you
but I failed
I thought that if I was silent you'd go away
So I tried to be as silent as I could
but silence is the absence of sound
as darkness is the absence of light

to whom
should I release my sadness
on whose shoulder
should I cry on
to whose willingness
should I share the bloody secrets of the past

I prayed to the creator of the universe and its being
the path that he shows are blurry visions of the future
he wants me to move on
but I don't want to move on

I want to repair my past
but the past is the yesterday of tomorrow
and the yesterday of today
everything keeps on moving forward
the only thing that I should and could do
is to repair the present
for a better future.