Monday, August 30, 2010

stupid !

i have been very bored these days, life is not the way it used to be. stupid life.
i only have six people in my followers list. stupid people.
as i'm writing this stupid entry, i'm being stupid myself. pff
'pff' is an error (stupid apathetic expression)
how stupid ? pff.

hello BELOVEDPEOPLE of earth, rapturously saying: YAY!! LIFE DOESN'T GET BETTER THIS. its been a while since i have updated my blog. i have nothing to write, my mind is officially blank. i cannot think that good any more, i blame the new diet i have been taking. damn you cinnamon apple tea diet !! the headline above the terrible writing above this terrible writing was just a stupid way to make a comeback after a long quiet, no blogging period. why does the word blog and the word's derivatives underlined as errors. stupid word and its derivatives.

right now i'm wasting my precious time, which can be used for studying, watching HOWIMETYOURMOTHER reruns. i love watching this show my arm-spread-open-length's much. this is my 9th most favourite show after GLEE, THE KING OF QUEENS, RULES OF ENGAGEMENT, MY WIFE AND KIDS, THE SIMPSONS, PARENTHOOD, MONK and UGLY BETTY. i don't know what the hell i'm writing about ? maybe its because i'm bored.