Thursday, October 21, 2010

the mentos law

the day before this day, i went to this twenty-four-hours convenience store at silibin where at that time i bought a bar of mentos. but the classic fruity mentos was no more, there was only this new improved mentos with jelly inside which cost two ringgits and forty sens double the price of the classic mentos which is only one-twenty. i thought to myself, why would they change something as good as mentos. as my eyes were twitching, a sudden thought struck my insignificant head. i thought of how eccentric it is on how life's work- just like mentos. life changes and so does every thing around you, for better or for worse. as for the changes in the mentos, it is for the better.
as for me, i am starting anew, forgetting the loathesome tales of the past, moving on, changing, like mentos.
p/s i should get paid for advertising mentos :P