Thursday, September 2, 2010

Contrary to Happy Reality

September, 2010, thought to be one of the unsurpassable moments in life. yet, the dream started off with a bad start already. my existence is unknown- insignificant figure sitting tirelessly in front of the computer screen. my eyes are paining from staring consistently at the computer.

i am starting to pen down all the things i do every day, like a diary, but awfully dull. I am immature, laying still in piles of old memories, like pigs slacking in mud. i do'nt know how to cry so i learnt to laugh. rapturously, i laugh. i'm no different from a person ratarsed from drinking whisky. i love to berate people, that's a part of me. i loathe criticism, yet i love to criticise. thats is what i am, accept it. i do not need to brag or elucidate any nonsense further. happy ?