Wednesday, November 17, 2010

newest post for the time being

sitting down drinking coffee from a free mug obtained from buying a colgate pack in front of the computer or the tv or while reading percy jackson seems to be the ideal holiday but that's never going to happen. every year its the same, but with a different twist. i'm spending my time with a pair of matching, mosterous couple who i think are made for each other. right now, i am absolutely devastated with a few pinches of anger and insanity. yeah, that's it. i am angry. i am sick of people's hypocrytical judgements and baseless accusations. i've been patient for almost a year of being removed, being looked down at, being the one at fault and being the one who has to lower his standards. i am sick of it, SICK OF IT !!

usually, i would not be online right now, it's almost school holiday. i would usually plan my holidays right now- ironically, planning about reading old books stashed in the store room, how to obtain fast cash which usually ends up with me asking my mum for cash, although, days spent babbling about getting jobs. but now i'm worried about insignificant stuffs which are currently ruining every relationship i have with any one, that's how devastating the story is. but i guess that's how life works, sometimes you get the glory, sometimes you are alone and not cared. you can't get every thing in life, so make the best of what is given. happy day