Thursday, November 18, 2010


people are different, so other people expect different things from us. multiple personalities is good, but its best to stick with one unique personality. i should have thought about that 6 months ago, before everything went bad. i sometimes feel that friendship bonds are like one-night-stand dates where when we are hitting rock bottom, it technically is in the best possible way. i had so-called best friends before but the bond only lasted for at most 3 years. then, never to be spoken of ever. some friendship, just dies off, like the waves washing writings on sand or rain washing off paints of buildings, making them dull and ugly.

new friends create very vague predictions of the future, wondering if this typical person is my next best friend. the cycle never stops, and i hate it from even continuing to cycle. maybe that's the way the world turns, every day a new unexpected exposure, never did it ever cross the mind that some things are to happen, but it does. the beauty of life, no one knows what is going to happen them. its an adventure which beats every fiction adventure books ever written- life's adventure. never stop, keep on going, those are the only things that i learnt from watching ugly betty and desperate housewives, words of hope. somewhere out there, lurking, is our future and we are getting closer to it every day, so brace yourselves people. :)