Monday, May 30, 2011

stupid days, where have you gone to ?

should i throw away the memories of the ole times, when i was still young and much naive than i am today. i tried to act like nothing has changed in my life after we are not friends, i tried so hard. but the truth is the harder i tried the greater i miss the days of spending my time with you. i don't know why but friends are so important to me especially those who are very close. those who would call me all night, cheering me up after a fight, making me laugh all the time, making me feel like i'm a part of something undescribable; something i myself couldn't explain but it was fun being friends with you. you were like a brother to me and i'm sorry for what i've done for what is done is done. where ever you are i'm telling you one once again that i'm truly sorry, old friend also brother :)